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Resources : List Of Top 70 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites In 2016

Social Bookmarking Sites

Now in 2016 Social Media is a great tool to reach and connect with your Friends, Family & Business geeks.

On the Internet, there are many social connecting sites available which are most popular among their users.

Today I’m going to share my Top 70 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites list with you. I know you already know about social media and bookmarking sites. 

But still, there is a lot of new Internet seekers who are not aware of Social Bookmarking.

social bookmarking sites list


What is Social Bookmarking ?

Social bookmarking is a way for people to store, organize, search, and manage “bookmarks” of web pages.

Users save links to web pages that they like or want to share, using a social bookmarking site to store these links.

Nowadays Social bookmarking is the best idea to promote your Website, Blog, Articles, Services Etc.

Per day thousands of people search and share web pages, Articles, Images, News and other infographics with their friends and group members.

Reddit, Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Pinterest etc are some popular sites examples available on internet.

Benefits Of Using Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking sites allow people to Search and bookmark the web page what they like. Many Social Bookmarking sites display recently added articles, reviews, popular links and news posts.

You can stay connect with your targeted web pages. If you own an article related to any niches then can submit it to these bookmark sites.

It’s good to tell that if you are getting 100+ votes for your post then it means you are being popular and your blog and website is having chances to attract more visitors.

In easy words, you can promote your Blog, Website, Articles, News posts, Services with these popular social networks.

Some Extra Beneficial Points 

> Social Bookmarking sites can help to improve your brand value with increasing awareness about your Brand.

> Many Social Bookmarking site gives your site a Do-Follow Backlinks. It can help you to increase your site ranking.

> You can promote your blog post via social bookmarking networks.

> You can increase your blog traffic with these highly visited bookmarking sites. If you share an informative and good post you can drive thousands of visitors to your blog.

> Blog popularity on social networking sites will help you to site improve your domain authority.

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Top 70 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List

Site Name  Google Page Rank
www.Pinterest.com   PR – 9
www.Digg.com  PR – 8
www.Reddit.com  PR – 8
www.citeulike.org  PR – 8
www.Stumbleupon.com  PR – 8
www.plurk.com  PR – 8
www.delicious.com  PR – 8
www.slashdot.org  PR – 7
www.scoop.it   PR – 7
www.blinklist.com  PR – 7
www.diigo.com  PR – 7
www.squidoo.com  PR – 7
www.bibsonomy.org  PR – 7
www.designfloat.com  PR – 7
www.explorebim.com  PR – 7
www.Newsvine.com  PR – 7
www.techdirt.com  PR-7
www.yardbarker.com  PR-6
www.dzone.com  PR-6
www.hotklix.com  PR-6
www.scoopit.co.nz  PR-6
www.blinklist.com PR-6
www.bizsugar.com  PR-5
www.blogmarks.net PR-5
www.memotoo.com  PR-5
www.netvouz.com PR-5 
www.43things.com PR-5 
www.shoutwire.com PR-5 
www.digo.it PR-5 
www.twicsy.com PR-5
www.ShoutWire.com PR-5
www.smallbusinessbrief.com PR-5
www.social-bookmarking.net PR-4 
www.fwisp.com PR-4 
www.givealink.org PR-4 
www.linkagogo.com PR-4 
www.wirefan.com PR-4 
www.buddymarks.com PR-4 
www.mybookmarks.com PR-4 
www.shetoldme.com  PR-4
www.panodigg.com  PR-4
www.panodigg.com  PR-4
www.a1-webmarks.com PR-4
www.fazed.org PR-4
www.blogengage.com PR-4
www.voo2do.com PR-4
www.ngopost.org PR-4
www.blogospherenews.com PR-4
www.easybm.com PR-4
www.favoor.com PR-4
www.ikeepbookmarks.com PR-4
www.blogmemes.net PR-4
www.ClipClip.com PR-4
www.kirtsy.com PR-4
www.fwisp.com PR-4
www.ilinking.org PR-4
www.spletarna.net PR-4
www.myhq.com PR-4
www.wirefan.com PR-4
www.ezyspot.com PR-4
www.qqpipi.com PR-4
www.linkatopia.com PR-4
www.lintas.me PR-4
www.givealink.org PR-4
www.colivia.de PR-4
www.url.org PR-3
www.dealigg.com PR-3
www.bookmarkallapp.com PR-3
www.newsmeback.com PR-3
www.dnhour.com PR-3
www.Akonter.com PR-2
www.sitejot.com PR-2
www.hite.me PR-1


Now it’s your term to use these High Page Rank Social Bookmarking Sites to make popular your Article’s, Blogs URL, News Posts on the Internet.

Submit your blog link to these sites and get Quality Backlinks to your sites.

Jitender Sharma

Jitender is a digital marketing consultant, blogger and digital entrepreneur from India. He is an author of 4BizSolutions and Digital Marketing Buddy blogs and founder of FoundersBuzz marketing platform. He has written most article’s about Digital Marketing, Social media, Business Blogging, Finance, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship.

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