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Social Media Marketing : 5 Things To Do Before Start Social Marketing In 2017

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Now social media has become the most important marketing and promotional tool for internet marketers.

Many businesses are using social media for reaching their customers and increase sales and services.

Social media marketing is more effective than other marketing resources. Compare then costly TV and Print advertisements social media takes less time to promote your business.

Here is a list of some ideas to create an effective social media marketing plan for your small business.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Identify your small business objectives 

Building Brand – Social media help to build up your own brand name. People will recognize your name and will be associated with your products and services.

Attracting New Customers – By the social media, you can attract 45% more customer than any other advertising options.

Increase Sales And support – Social media help business to improve their customer support and services due to fast response and largest people engagement with it.

Answer your customer about how to use products and services and resolve their queries. You can increase your sales up to 37% by social media.

5 Keys to successful social media marketing

Identify targeted customers:

Always focus on your targeted customers. If your business is related to professionals or young age group then, focus on young social users, and if a business is for all then use all best options.

Before advertising, you should select age group, country, profession etc. 

When you know your target audience’s age, occupation, income, interests, problems, obstacles, habits, likes, dislikes, motivations, and objections, then it’s easier and cheaper to target them on social or any other media.

Think about budget and resources:

budget for your business

Before starting social marketing make a budget plan. Because there is no limit to spending money on business promotion.

Social media sites like Facebook give us the option to select our daily budget.

First, start with a low-budget and after getting good results you may increase your marketing budget.

Choose effective channels:

Always use the Best social channels. Facebook can give you a better result. Make a 50:30:20 plan for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Almost 50% guys are using Facebook every day, 30% using Twitter, Google+ and rest only 20% visit on LinkedIn.

So focus on sites which are having a high volume of visitors and users. According to some top internet marketing blogs and websites, Facebook can drive more results to your business.

Top 10 Social Media Sites For Drive Traffic

Create an effective content strategy:

Create an effective and eye-catching content strategy for your social media marketing campaign.

Use contents and images for more effective ads. A recent survey says that images can attract 62% more customers to a new product and services.

Engage your visitors with effective tagline and messages.

Divide role to the team:

Business team

Assign the roles to your all team members. Give them a work to do which they can do more carefully.

Assign a role to the marketing manager, content writer, ads manager, E-mail responder, instant query resolution help desk, accountant to manage the marketing expenses, Tele callers etc.

Encourage them to do their work with passion and zeal for achieving your all goals.

Analyse competitors:

how to analyst competitor

First, analyze your business competitors marketing strategy.

And find some strong business in your niches and review their social media profiles and updated status.

Read at least 20 -30 social updates and tweets to find out something about their contents marketing.


Jitender Sharma
Jitender is a digital marketing consultant, blogger and digital entrepreneur from India. He is an author of 4BizSolutions and Digital Marketing Buddy blogs and founder of FoundersBuzz marketing platform. He has written most article’s about Digital Marketing, Social media, Business Blogging, Finance, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship.

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