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Why Use Facebook & Social Media Sites For Small Business Growth?

Now in 2017 Social Media sites are the biggest branding platform. As a small business owner, you can boost your business with Social Media Sites. You can market your business with these useful social media sites for small business.

Sites like Facebook (1.75 Billion), LinkedIn (350 Million), Twitter (400 Million), and Instagram (600 million) is having a huge user base.

It means if you use Facebook for your business then reaching only 1% of Facebook users (Which is 1.75 million) will be an unbelievable success for small businesses.

Using Social Media Sites for Small Business is much cost effective and responsive. You can use Facebook Business Page for the small business social presence and can boost its presence through Facebook advertisements.

Similarly, other websites also offer some best marketing solutions for small business.

Social Media Sites for Small Business

Best Social Media Sites For Small Business Owners

1] LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the biggest B2B Social platform with almost 300 million users world wide. Around the world, 90% business professionals and Businesses are using LinkedIn platform for getting best Jobs and for finding right candidates.

But you can use this platform for growing your startup. Share your business details on the platform and send a direct message to your connections. You can generate hundreds of business leads every month.

2] Twitter:

Twitter is the another platform being used by small businesses and professionals. With 400 million users Twitter is generating thousands of growth chances for small businesses.

This 140 character message/ micro blogging platform has become the first choice of active business owners for reaching out their first customer.

3] Facebook:

Is the Social Media Giant Facebook still required any introduction? With almost 2 Billion users (As 2017 Mid reports) Facebook is holding biggest user base around the world.

Everyday Facebook is generating millions of potential leads for thousands of Small Businesses worldwide and helping them to succeed.

4] Instagram:

An Image sharing site which soon became a popular social platform among all young age users across the world. But nowadays many brands are using Instagram as the main branding platform for generating hundreds of new business leads every day.

5] YouTube:

World largest video search engine Youtube is the most popular platform. And as we all know that 2017-2018 will be focused on video marketing and branding.

Many businesses have their video channels on Youtube and using them to grow their business. A 30 sec viral video can boost your business up to 90% in just a few weeks.

6] Pinterest:

An Image sharing site generating million dollar’s revenue for thousands of business world wide. Yes! you read it right. Pinterest is the pin board which allows you to pin your images and share it with your friends and followers.

In the USA many business owners are using Pinterest as the traffic generating sources for their business websites. Because real human traffic is your real future customer.

Jitender Sharma
Jitender is a digital marketing consultant, blogger and digital entrepreneur from India. He is an author of 4BizSolutions and Digital Marketing Buddy blogs and founder of FoundersBuzz marketing platform. He has written most article's about Digital Marketing, Social media, Business Blogging, Finance, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship.

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