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Blogging Tips : Top 10 Blogs In India With Their Monthly Income 2016

Top 10 Blogs In India And Blogger’s Earning

After starting a blog every blogger wants to make money via blogging. But it’s not an easy work as we think. It’s need so much hard work and passion for earn thousands of dollars with your blog.

Nowadays blogging has become a great way to earn extra money while working from home. There are many bloggers who are making millions every month.

The list is so much long if we will check worldwide but here I’m sharing the top 10 blogs in India with their monthly earnings.

They all are earning 3 lacs to 40 lacs per month via blogging. I’m sure if you love to blogging then you would love to know about them.

top 10 blogs in india

List Of  Top 10 Blogs In India

10. S. Pradeep Kumar

HellBound Bloggers (HBB) is founded by S. Pradeep Kumar, who is again Chennai-based blogger. He also founders of a network called Slashsquare. He studied at SMK Fomra Institute of Technology.

HBB is a Technology Blog and Web Community, focus on topics like Blogging, Social Media, Technology, WordPress and Internet Tips. 

HBB has Approx 7k Unique Visitors per day with 3,50,000 Pageviews Per Month.

Name: S. Pradeep Kumar

Location – Chennai

Estimated Earnings: $4,000 to $5,000 per month

Income Source: Paid Advertisements, Affiliates, Adsense etc

Blog: HellBoundBloggers.com

Google PR – 3/10

World Ranking by Alexa: 40,666

9. Amit Bhawani –

Amit Bhawani is a well-known Blogger in India.His maximum income from his blog was around $15,000 per month.

His Blog is all about technology. He used to get around 35,000 visitors per day.His other famous blogs include a name like AndroidAdvices.com.

Now Amit is getting 2.5k visitors per day with 5000 Page views. Nowadays Amit is not updating his blog regularly.

Name: Amit BhawaniEstimated Earnings: Around $5,000/monthIncome Source: Mainly Adsense, Ads network

Blog: AmitBhawani.com

Google PR- 4/10

World Ranking by Alexa: 1,82,700

8.  Kulwant Negi-

Kulwant Nagi is a 27 years old Full-Time Blogger from Haryana, India. He Loves to write about SEO, WordPress, and Blogging.

Blogging Cage is a webmasters blog where you will learn blogging and SEO Tips. Blogging Cage has Approx 17k Visitors per day with 50,000 Page views.

Name: Kulwant Nagi

Location: Haryana

Blog Niche: Blogging

Blogging From: 2012-

PresentEstimated Earnings: $4,500 to $6,500 per month

Income Source: Adsense, Paid Advertising, Affiliate Income.

Blog: http://www.bloggingcage.com

Google PR – 3/10

World Ranking by Alexa: 46,750

7. Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas Tamada is a Chennai based Blogger. His Blog is about programming, Ajax, PHP and other web design aspect.

Hence, the blog is for people who are more technical rather a non-professional.His blog is very popular among developer & programmer community.

The blog has 26K Daily visitors with 50000 Pageviews Per day.

Name: Srinivas Tamada

Location: Chennai, India but now is in the USA 

Blog Niche: Ajax, PHP, Web Design.

Blogging From: 2009-Present

Estimated Earnings: $8,000 per month

Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising, Affiliate Income.

Blog: http://www.9lessons.info

Google PR – 4/10

World Ranking by Alexa: 34005

6. Arun Prabhu Desai

Arun is a Pune based Blogger who started Blogging in April 2007. His Blog Trak.in is basically a business and a technology blog.

He gives information about startups, financial news, And Stock market etc. Arun Blog Trak dot in has Approx 45k Visitors per Day with 1,00,000 page views.

Name: Arun Prabhudesai

Location: Pune, Maharastra

Blog About: Business startups, financial news, And Stock market etc.

Blogging From: 2007

Present Estimated Earnings: $9,000 per month

Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising.

Blog: http://trak.in

Google PR – 5/10

World Ranking by Alexa: 18325

5. Imranuddin –

Imran Uddin is an Andhra Pradesh-based, Blogger. His Blog is about Blogging, SEO, Tips, and Tricks.

He is a young entrepreneur of Pvt. Ltd. A company named All Tech Media. AT Media has Approx 51k Visitors per day with 1,50,000 page views.

Name: Imran Uddin

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Blog Niche: Tips & Tricks, SEO, Blogging

Blogging From: 2012-Present 

Estimated Earnings: $14,500 per month

Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising, Affiliate Income.

Blog: http://www.alltechbuzz.net

Google PR – 3/10

World Ranking by Alexa: 14019

4. Faisal Farooqui

MouthShut is not exactly a Blogging site but a consumer research and services web portal. You can give or read a review about any Restaurants, Movies, Products, services, Etc.  

The founder of mouth shut is Faisal Farooqui. He got his education from the University of New York-Binghamton.

He started his blog site in the year 2000. The site has 51k Visitors with 1,40,000 Pageviews Per Day.

Name: Faisal Farooqui

Location: USA and India

Blog Niche: consumer research and services web portal.

Blogging From: 2000-Present

Estimated Earnings: $18,000 per month.

Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising, Affiliate Income & Premium Membership.

Blog: http://www.mouthshut.com

Google PR – 5/10

World Ranking by Alexa: 5,955

3. Shardha Sharma

YourStory.com is India’s no.1 media platform for entrepreneurs, dedicated to passionately championing and promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

The site has 1 lac+ daily visitors with 2,75,000 page views.

Name: Shraddha Sharma

Blog Niche: Entrepreneur

Blogging From: 2008-Present

Estimated Earnings: $18,500 per month

Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising, Affiliate Income.

Blog: http://yourstory.com

Google PR – 0/10

World Ranking by Alexa: 2,253

2. Harsh Agarwal-

Harsh is a New Delhi-based very young and budding Blogger. Harsh’s Blog is all about, social media, Blogging, word press, SEO etc.

His blog Shoutmeloud was launched in 2008. The blog has 1.25 lac visitors with 3,25,000 page views Per Day.

Recently Harsh has shown his earlier Month ( October 2016 Income) income in a latest post on his blog.

Name: Harsh Agarwal 

Location – Delhi

Estimated Earnings: $20,000 to $35000 per month.

Income Channel: 50% income from Affiliate sales, rest of them from Adsense, Direct Ads, Consultancy

Blog: ShoutMeLoud.com

Google PR – 3/10

World Ranking by Alexa: 3737

1. Amit Agarwal –

Amit Agarwal is the Godfather of Indian Blogging. Today, he is the number one tech Blogger in India.

He is totally unique and no one can be like him. A former IITian, until 2004 he used to work in the USA in Goldman Sachs.

He planned to quit his regular job and start a tech Blog called Labnol. It was a huge success just after few months of launching.

His blog is related to technology, he now makes approximately INR 25,00,000/- to INR 60,00,000/- per month.

He is the best Blogger in India. His blog has 2 Lac Daily visitors with 5,50,000 page views per day.

Name: Amit Agarwal

Estimated Earnings: $35,000 Per Month.

Income Channel: Google Adsense , Paid Advertisement & Affiliate Income etc

Blog: Labnol.org

Google PR – 6/10

World Ranking by Alexa – 5842

These are the top 10 Blogs and Bloggers in India. The list is updated with November 2016 Alexa Rank and Updates.

The list can be too big because there is a lot of bloggers who are making thousands of dollars per month but we don’t know about them. If you know then please Suggest with us. We can learn many things with these guys about money-making and knowledge sharing ideas.

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Jitender Sharma
Jitender is a digital marketing consultant, blogger and digital entrepreneur from India. He is an author of 4BizSolutions and Digital Marketing Buddy blogs and founder of FoundersBuzz marketing platform. He has written most article's about Digital Marketing, Social media, Business Blogging, Finance, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship.

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