7 Best Tips for a Healthy Work Life Balance

It is really a very big challenge to find the right balance between your permanent work and your other perpetual life activities. We have thus compiled helpful tips that will help you to ensure that you also pay attention to your extra-routine life activities, work to live and survive rather than just living to work. Here are 7 tips for balancing your life activities and work operations:

(1). Learn to be flexible: I am glad that some employers nowadays offer their employees flexible working conditions. If either working from home or starting work earlier in the day would help you, simply relate it to your employer to find out how practicable and possible it will be. Surely, they will even benefit so much from your increased focus, productivity and commitment if they allow you to work in a way that suits your personal life and circumstances.

(2). Proper Time Management: You might spend like 12 hours at work each day. If 4 of them are passed chatting with your office colleagues, researching about tours and holidays or writing and sending personal emails to circles then, the situation is not a healthy or productive one at all. Thus, I’ll admonish you to keep a strong focus on work while in your working place, close at specified hours and make use of your extra hours to enjoy your life. This will make you to give in your best always.

3. Always say ‘No’ when proper with a smile: There is actually no need for you to volunteer for a project or operation if it will make the quality of your work and output to suffer and go below par. Thus, saying ‘NO’ firmly but politely with a shows is a sign that you have really got a clear understanding of your work priorities.

(4). Take very good care of yourself: Always bear in mind to keep your energy levels high with a rest and proper lunch break. Do not just eat snacks or junk foods. You can even go home at allowed hours to eat and relax. Never you check your work emails while resting during break on your bed. If you ever let your health take the back seat behind your job then, your output will dwindle and you will only end up getting yourself even more stressed up.

(5). Schedule your daily activities: This practice will surely help you to stop your working activities from eating deep into your personal life. If you want to leave your work table at exactly 5 O’Clock every Tuesday for a gym class or a meeting with friends then, try as much as you can to always make it happen.

(6). Do not make your work your enemy: Make work your friend instead: See your work as an integral part of your life, something you cannot do without and something that makes your life worth living. Seek out the projects and tasks which you particularly enjoy doing. If you succeed in letting your managers know that you are good at a particular area and that you enjoy doing the tasks then, they are more likely to give you more tasks, more incentives and promotions as well.

(7). Constantly develop relevant skills around your Job: Do not hesitate or become reluctant to take advantage of any related training opportunities available for your career or job field. By developing your skills, you will gain the expertise, knowledge and ability to work faster, broader, efficiently and effectively.

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Rais Dar is a Small Business Consultant from Bangalore, Karnataka.

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