80 Best Business ideas for Beginners in India

Starting a business may be easy for people who’re loaded with years of expertise but surely it’s not a cakewalk game for inexperienced ones, better recognised as beginners. So what are the best one-person businesses a beginner can start? To get a proper answer, we have come up with this huge list of somewhere around 80 small business ideas for them in almost all business domains. It is now upto you to decide and pick your choice that suits your interest, skills and financial capabilities.

Antique furniture refurbishing

People often throw away their old furniture and think it can’t be salvaged.  With some effort there are lots of ways this can be done

Announcement services

You can use your skills to announce various items for people – weddings, new business startups, events etc.

Aquarium cleaning and maintenance

One way to make money is to deal with the things that people don’t like to do.

Art Auctions

If you have an interest you could use your skills to draw together art owners and art appreciators and advertise the event.

Artist agent

Being an agent for up and coming new talent can be very lucrative and have you travel all around the world.

Awning cleaning

Jobs people don’t enjoy doing are a sure fire way to easy money. Cleaning awnings is effective and people get to see the transformation right after you’ve done.


If you are a dab hand at baking then why not set up your own and do the job you love.  cater for events, passing trade and even distribute to local shops and stores.

Bed & Breakfast

Apart from managing this effectively, you are feeding and looking after people who come to live at your premises for short periods of time.  Many people love the work!

Bicycle tours

Finding those exciting “off the beaten track” courses can be a lucrative pastime and business opportunity.  People like challenges and amazing sights so factor this into your routes that you plan.

Boat rentals

Whether short or long haul, you can hire out boats to fishermen and tourists.  There is a business opportunity for anybody in most areas of life!

Body piercing

People pay to have parts of their body pierced.  If this is your thing then you could do the same for easy money.

Book keeping service

If numbers are your thing, then why not put it to good use and do the book keeping for self employed business owners who don’t have the time or the inclination.


Fancy a beer or glass of wine?  Make big profits brewing your own special blend and then mass producing it and marketing it locally and even online.

Business broker

Once you get known as a business broker you will find businesses start to come to you.  You can match business owners with buyers and take a profit out of the sale.  You might even want to setup a business sales magazine or newsletter.

Car storage

People often feel the need to store their cars.  Vacations or even during bad weather, people will have a need to store their prized possession.  If you can get some secure space and monitor it this could be the easiest money you’ve ever made.

Career and personal coach

How many people do you know who haven’t got a clue what to do with their life?  With some basic knowledge and date finding you can match them to the careers that best suit their personalities and passions in life.

Cartridge refiller

Because of the soaring costs of printer cartridges, people look for low cost alternatives the are safe and reliable.  Clean up with your own refilling service.  Why not offer a door to door delivery and collection service – how many companies do this?


Whether you have a background in catering or management you could make this work if it is of interest.  Just find events that need catering and then find the Chef’s.  You might need to develop a database of suitable Chef’s who can help you on a short term basis.

Chocolate making service

Chocolate is always in demand, so if you can generate a new and exciting taste you could be on to a winner and taste huge profits!

Cloth diaper service

One job people really don’t want to have to deal with – easy money for easy (although smelly!) work!

Commercial cleaning

At the end of  along day, business premises, kitchens and factories need to be kept clean and safe, so step in and make it gleam.  You could clean up!

Cookie making

Cookies are easy to make and can be sold at local fairs and even online!  This is a great business idea for kids to try too!

Computer repair technician

Even though most homes have one, millions of people panic when they go wrong.  If you know the inner workings of a computer you could turn your passion into a thriving business.

Deck building

Housing decking often need to be replaced or simply re-stained on a regular basis.  It’s a job people love to hate so if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty why not give it a try.


Each year the obesity levels increase and people are losing their way.  As a dietician you could easily gain regular clients and advise them on the best way to get in shape and at healthily.

Dog walking service

This concept is in big demand.  With most parents working full time, the pets get left behind so this is a welcome service being offered all over the world.

Dollar store

Guaranteed to get lots of people coming in finding and selling loads of items for one dollar will be a very profitable venture despite the low price tag.

Dry cleaning delivery

Offer a simple service to deliver and collect peoples’ dry cleaning clothing. Taking peoples items for easy money is something anybody could do.

Educational toys

Design and manufacture, or source from overseas toys which are educational for children. Parents go wild for these types of toy, and your profits should go wild too!

Event and party planner

If someone wants to plan an event it’s easier to let someone else handle all the intricate details and stress.  If you don’t mind this work then you’ll fit in well!

Flea market organizer

These days thousands of people prefer to sell their own items at flea markets or online eBay auctions.  They recognize that they can make plenty of money this way and so look to rent space in a field.  All you need to do is contact farmers and land owners and offer to manage the entire operation for a fee.

Furniture repairs and steam cleaning

rather than buying new furniture, you can go in and bring them back to new.  People will thank you for this service because they will feel like they’ve got new furniture for a much lower price.

Freelance writer

As a Freelance writer you can set your own prices.  If you have a natural flair for this writing, you can make a serious amount of money.  Be sure to join freelance job sites so you can build up your reputation and gain credible feedback from satisfied clients.

Golf instruction

Why not help people improve their game.  It may be something simple like their swing, or more in depth.  If you know your game then why not share your knowledge!

Grocery delivery service

A superb idea.  become the “middle man” between the multitude of stores and a customers’ own home.  The elderly can’t always get out and would love it if someone helped.  You will also do well over the holidays/Christmas period as people choose to avoid the long queues.

Hair removal service

Unsightly hair on eyebrows, necks, backs and legs needs removing and for many, the thought of doing it themselves is a pain, so you can turn this into a good business by offering to do it yourself.

Hot dog cart

The old time favorite, and an easy sell.  Simply set up near events and make money by feeding people with delicious hot dogs.

How-to manuals –  books and DVD’s

A firm favorite and can produce immense profits.  People have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge so if you can clearly show them HOW to do something they will love it because they don’t have to search the stores or internet to get the answers they seek.


They say everyone has an idea in them – why not write down the ones you dream up and see if anybody has made one.

Kennels provider

People regularly go away and need to have their beloved pets taken care of – easy money if you are an animal lover.

Kite building service

What fun it is to be soaring up in the sky!  Build fun kits with children’s pictures on them and sell them for easy money!

Lawn care service

People love their homes and want them to look superb.  A lawn care service is very easy money if you are qualified.  Often you can treat their lawns cheaper than they can do it themselves!

Mobile Disc Jockey (DJ)

If you are good you will get loads of repeat customers and a growing fan base.  This is one of the best entrepreneurial business ideas you can ever imagine!

Network marketing

If you like to talk to people you can make more money than you could ever imagine in a short space of time.  Huge profits are achievable!

New computer sales

Every 4-10 years people need a computer so if you are able to build them you can buy the parts in bulk and sell them for regular profits.

Online factory import/export business

Buying in bulk from overseas and selling “in-demand” items is simple but effective – it’s just a case of doing it and putting it into action.

Online loans

Online loans are simple and convenient.  They take away the need for face to face communications and as a result far more people will attempt to get one.  Meaning more profits for you.

Online Tutoring

People love to learn new stuff so now you can teach yourself face to face via skype or setup online courses using software.  Even online classes can be taught if you pay a tutor and find the students by advertising.

Parking lot power sweeping

One of the jobs people love to hate – hire a sweeper and go and get your regular clients.

Personal Chef service

For family parties why not treat your guests to a personal chef – they will remember the experience for weeks after!

Personal trainer

Big money can be made as people attempt to get fit but don’t have the willpower to do it on their own.

Pet scratch posts

There is nothing worse than when your pet decides to sharpen their claws on your furniture.  Fill that need with your own range of pet scratch posts!


Weddings, parties and corporate events all need capturing, so why not help those and offer your own photography and video service – if you are good you’ll always be in demand and get recommended.

Pool cleaning service

An easy to do service that doesn’t take too long and will keep you busy all summer.

Puppet shows

A classic favorite – giving regular shows at fairs and events will keep the kids happy time and time again – if you are a born entertainer why not give it a go!

Reunion organizer

Help people get together – old school friends, old work colleagues – simply advertise to them or go through old company or school records to track them all down.

River rafting

A once in a lifetime fun experience for people who like a thrill – if you know the waters you can make good money from your experiences – it will never seem like a job.

Roof installations

Every so long homes need their roofs repaired, so if you don’t mind heights you could clean up with this idea.  Essentially you are just using your own skills to make money.

Rubbish removal

The one job people love to hate – if you don’t mind clearing up rubbish you could literally clean up in your profit margins!

Sailing school

Have the time of your life and take like-minded friends along with you – people will love you for it and have the best times of their lives.

Scrap metal collection / recycling

These days there is a huge demand for recycling and will be ongoing as we realize that we can no longer live a throw-away lifestyle any more.  Take folks’ rubbish and separate it and give it to the recyclers for easy money.

Security lighting

With crime being more and more prevalent people are always concerned.  This can range form private homes to commercial properties so why not advise people on the best way forward.

Self defense classes / courses

Help people stay in shape and feel confident that they can defend themselves.  A good instructor will always be in demand and make good regular money.  With good class sizes, this can easily be a full time income earner.

Snorkel tours

Why not? If you enjoy it then so will others!  Find shipwrecks or barrier reefs and go share your finds with others.

Sports memorabilia

People love to remember sports stars for times gone by so there are usually big profits to be made – especially for things like signed autographs and soccer balls.


When people want top get fit you can locate low cost sports clothing and sell it to them for good ongoing profits.

Stopping smoking courses

If you’ve successfully managed to stop smoking you should share your method because you will do very well from teaching others how to do the same.

Stress management courses

Help people stay calm and stay in control – stress is not healthy for them or their environment.

Tax accountant

If numbers make you excited use that passion and put it to good use to help others with their tax bills.

Theft prevention

If you understand security then help people stay ahead of the burglars.  Nobody likes to have items stolen.

Tour guide

If you know your local area and tourists come then you could share your knowledge and give people an experience they will never forget.

Transcript service

There is a big demand for people to transcribe audio files and events into the written word effectively.  Online many marketers want their podcasts transcribing for their listeners.

Venture capital broker

If you like the sound of this then why not use your skills and help others.

Voice over service

If you sound like a film star or “that man off of the films” you should use your talents because people will want your services!

Web design service

More and more companies want a nice looking website each year so use your skills to get them noticed.

Window and door repair service

Keeping a home fully maintained is an ongoing yearly thing people simply have to get done.

Woodworking instruction

If carpentry is your thing then share what you know and help people create wonderful things – they will learn life long skills and always remember you.

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