4 Business ideas for Self Employment in India

Not all think same when it comes to looking for an income source. Some would settle for a job while some would not be working in a world where they have to follow dictations of others rather they look for self employment. They are the people for whom we have come up with these 4 best selfemployment business ideas.

Software Computer Repair 

There is a huge demand for software computer repairs with little competition all over the place. You require almost no startup costs as softwares you need are available online for almost free. You can enjoy a good income while cleaning viruses and spyware from computers owned by other people around your city. You have the potential to make up upto Rs. 1000 – 2000 on an hourly basis and keeping such amount of money as basis, you can have a great income monthly. The computer repair business can be done both part time as well as full time.

Professional Organizer

Professional organizers prove helpful when it comes to getting the lives of people in order. People would seek your help and pay you as they lack enough time to get all of their activities done. They would need you for their rescue as everything in their life has become something difficult to handle due to their busy life due to their office works.

Day Care Business

Day care business also has become a money spinners especially after moms have attained liberty to add their part for household earnings. You will be staying with the children of other people and make money serving them until their parents are back from their office work. It is all easy as you require no complex kind of resources to start a home day care business.

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