20 Best Business ideas for Senior Citizens in India

Seniors deserve rest but the financial requirements are so overwhelming that they can’t afford it. Here are some of the best small business ideas for senior citizens of India to choose from in order to start a business.


Or perhaps you feel pleasure in the writing activity. If so, get paid by bloggers and online newspaper sources for writing articles for them.

3. Babysitting

Since elders naturally tend to have s strong affection towards children, starting a babysitting business can prove a fulfilling option for them.

4. Consulting

A retiree who has spent years in a particular field may offer advice and tips to the younger generation as a consultant.

5. Elderly sitter

Spend time with other seniors who need assistance in daily activities ranging from cooking to cleaning to errand running if you are still healthy.

6. Rent extra space

If your house has some extra space, then consider allowing a renter to take it.

7. Dog walking

Charge fee for offering dog walking service to families who simply run out of time in giving the needed exercise to their pet dogs.

8. Sell crafts 

There are tons of online places such as Etsy that could reward your love for making crafts with your hands.

9. Tutoring 

If you are a retired teacher who hasn’t yet lost touch with the teaching, then go for private tutoring option.

10. Public speaking

Deliver persuasive and inspiration speeches on a stage to entertain young generation.

11. Book writing

Book writing is an option that will help seniors reveal their experience, tips etc

12. Bookkeeping 

Help businesses keep accurate records of financial transactions as a bookkeeper.

13. Sewing services 

If doing clothes alteration, sewing etc offers you enjoyment, you may stretch these skills to others for a small fee.

14. Data entry 

If you have got a good typing speed, then look no further than a data entry job that requires you to read and feed data into computer database while using a keyboard.

15. Florist 

Required for ornamental purposes, you might open a shop that arranges and sells flowers to households.

16. Career coaching 

Given the experience in any industry, a senior might work as a career coach to help those who are unsure their career determination.

17. Handyman 

Try out anyone out of these small handyman business ideas if you truly are ingenious in small repairs and renovations.

18. Sell used goods

In spite of becoming an unwanted crap, you can sell old stuff through online platforms and that too for most money.

19. Resume writing 

Extend your help (not for free) as a resume writer to those who find resume writing as a daunting task.

20. Online tutoring 

You may also like to get registered as a tutor on websites that offer tutoring services online.

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