20 Best Child Focused Business ideas

The children market is growing and it is because parents have become huge spenders for their health, education, entertainment and lifestyle. That is starting a business focused on children or kids market is one of the best choices for your career and income. Here we have compiled a list of around 20 small business ideas to help you tap the profitable and growing children market.

1: Making badges and selling them – in fact making all manner of things via “craftwork” and selling them at school, summer fairs and even online with parents help!

2: Making items of food and selling them.  This list is pretty much endless.  These days there are lots of companies who sell specialty foods online and offline.  Small niche cheese companies and many more ideas spring to mind.  Whatever your child likes to make they can put to use.  Maybe they make their own brand of marmalade?  Bottle it and sell it at local fairs or online!

3: Teaching other kids how to do “something” – perhaps your child is gifted at writing computer games – they could teach their skills for an hour in the evenings or at the weekends and make money from it.  It’s amazing what other people want to know – and will pay good money for!

4: Run a garage sale from home – this is fun because the kids get to see money being placed in their hands as well as learning how to interact and deal with people – perhaps even negotiating a little bit to get the best price.

5: Pet-sitting service – these days people lead busy lives – so the offer of having someone walk their pet for them is often much appreciated.  If your child loves animals they could offer to walk dogs, feed cats, clean out rabbits or hamsters etc.

6: Use their artistic skills – perhaps your child is gifted at drawing people – use this to help them make a lot of money for themselves.  if they are really good then they can make a lot of money quickly without doing too much promotion as most of their work will come from recommendations and word of mouth.

7: Designing clothes – some kids seem to know exactly what fashions are “in” or “so last year!”  Perhaps they could print onto t-shirts.  if they have an artistic flair they could even create funny phrases for printing or offer one of many different related services.

8: Offering IT support – this sounds crazy but most kids are very tech-savvy these days and would put many adults to shame.  They can offer to fix problems and help family members to do “stuff” with their computers – there are so many different children’s business ideas to look at that it makes the mind boggle!

9: Washing cars in their spare time – something that requires nothing but some hard work and a bucket with water and a sponge.  Simply look for dirty cars and ask the owner if they would like their cars washed.  The car can be cleaned in less than an hour and the kid will make some good money from it.

10: Cleaning windows – again, like washing cars, this is just something that requires some effort from them.  Obviously you don’t want your kids going high up a ladder if they are young and not confident – so this may suit older children.

11: Cleaning out swimming pools – easy to do – the child only needs a long pole with a net on the end of it and they can keep the leaves and debris out of pools all year long.  Depending how busy they get, they could take on other kids to help them and take a portion of each pool cleaned, thus making a large income truly scalable.

12: Where there’s muck there’s brass! – if your child has a metal detector they could go looking for items buried in the ground.  While this is really more of as hobby than a business, some people have made very large sums of money from this.  With a little bit of thinking though, you could offer services looking for exploration companies, essentially offering your services for a fee.

13: Buying and selling – the most loved idea by parents.  Kids can look for bargains at markets and online at the various auction sites.  If they find there are plenty of buyers for XYZ product then all they need to do is to be able to find a supplier for that product and negotiate a good discount.

14: Offering home grown produce – if your child loves to grow fruit and vegetables they could grow their own and sell their own “organic” produce directly at local markets or knocking door to door int heir local community (with a parent supervising ideally depending on the child’s age!)

15: Offering a “shopping service” – how many people are too busy, or ill or elderly and struggle to go out and get the groceries or fetch an important parcel? Now you can fetch these items for people in echange for a fee – this will be in much demand and highly sought after!

16: Offering a house sitting service – This is one of the most popular children’s business ideas because there lots of people shop from mail order catalogues and find they have to take a day off work just so someone is “home” when the new sofa is delivered.  Now you could offer to be that person who is “in” when the parcel or item arrives.  This is also useful if you’d like to ensure someone is “home” when you are not there – helping to deter would-be burglars who might be wondering if the place is empty or not.

17: Being that “odd-job” person.  You could cut lawns or run an almost unlimited number of errands for that person if you wanted to.  Basically just helping them out with the things they never really seem to get around to doing.

18: Gardening services – with just some effort you could offer to rake leaves from lawns and tidy up borders and shrubs.  Many good gardeners get paid surprisingly well so don’t discount anything until you’ve taken a closer look at the potential of it!

19: Website building – how many kids can build websites these days?  If you are good at this you could offer to create websites for friends, family members and even local tradesmen in your area.  Many entrepreneurs have started with their own skills and expanded their skill-sets to build online empires worth millions!

20: How about finding lost golf balls?  If you love to be on the fairway then you could offer to find those pesky lost balls for golfers who don’t have the time or inclination to look themselves.

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Rais Dar is a Small Business Consultant from Bangalore, Karnataka.

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