7 Best Future Business ideas for 2021 in India

The upcoming year [2021] is still 4 months away but based on the current market trends we anticipate a positive environment for various businesses. The current market trends that we see are growing population, online education, improvements in a poor man’s life and adoption of most advanced technologies. These changes and developments suggest that the following 7 small business ideas will enjoy more success and achieve dominance in the year we will see after four months of time.

Real estate business

There will be a huge demand for more housing and work spaces as we are facing a constant problem of increasng population in the country. The need for housing and other dwellings will be massive in the next year. Therefore, we believe that a real estate business could prove a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. While buying decisions will be rare but rental homes, rooms and office spaces will show up more in demand due to the increasing pricing of properties.

HR Consultancy

There will also be a high need for manpower recuritment as more startups are emerging in different fields while already established business will look for expansion and diversification into other product and service categories. Therefore, people who have a good HR skills and education can consider opening up their HR consultancies where they will help job applicants find jobs while companies to hire adequate human resource. It is possible that our unemployment rate may come down with initiatives like these in the future.


The expectations for equipment demand in the next year are very high as more and more small and big manufacturing business are established at a great level. Entrepreneurs who are sound in their financial investment can ponder upon launching an equipment supplies in 2021 and its demand will grow ever bigger beyond.


The number of people to establish a retail business is increasing day by day whether in city areas or villages. That means scope for wholsalers will grow big in the upcoming years. Therefore, it will also be a great idea to start a wholesale business to capatilize the growing retail outlet market.


Logistics has grown in demand as manufacturing and eCommerce industries are contantly expanding their reach to cover more areas for their goods distribution all over the world. Both inbound and outbound logictics service providers will be required greatly in the next year. You could solve the already existing logistics deficit by launching your own logistics business in 2021 and render your services to various industries.

ECommerce Business 

The eCommerce line of business is a great opportunity as people’s prefrence for shopping online is growing all over the place. The growing shift in the behaviours of people towards online shopping suggests that starting an eCommerce business would be a best bet for entrepreneurs. Our country India is ahead in eCommerce industry and thereby allows you to cash in this growing opportunity in the eCommerce industry.

Web Design & Development

Web design and development will grow further in demand in the future as both startups and brick and mortar companies are in need for websites to keep up their relations with their customers online. Even the number of bloggers is expected to grow and you know not all are able to create, design and develop their websites.  

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