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Moving away from traditional type start-ups such as a cleaning business or mobile beautician business is the IT sector. Starting your own Information communications technology business can be very rewarding and if you can pick up long term contracts from business then profits should be high. The downside is that this is a very competitive market, with big national companies striving to capture all the business from large cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool to small towns up and the UK. 

Having said that, you should not be put starting a IT business in your local area as many people prefer to do business with local businesses because they feel they might get  a better service, cheaper rates and quicker response time which is crucial as the vast majority of problems any IT techy will be dealing with is PC related such as crashed operating systems, virus removal, software installations, network setup and web server maintenance. Starting up an IT business on your own is tricky but impossible, people will expect you to be on call 24/7 so make sure you properly set out your working hours.

This type of business start-up is of course suited to those who have a great deal of experience in sorting out computer problems but picking a sub niche might be the best route to down if you want to be successful – businesses require all types of support so narrowing down your skill set and services offered might actually benefit your business in the long term. Best to be the master of one rather than ok at many. Branding is also very important in this sector so make sure you have a slick, clean and information packed website that is updated with the services you intend on offering.

Stand Out  from the Crowd!

Before you setup it is crucial you plan and research your business idea properly. The big IT companies in the UK all provide the same types of services so what could you do that stands your business out from the crowd? Maybe offer a more personal service, think what advantages a small IT consultancy business would have over a large corporate company.

Of course you need to offer industry standard IT services such as field visits and help-desk but maybe you could offer local business an extra level of care such as staff training or website security checking service where you can monitor server load or DDoS threats for example.

The trick of providing winning IT cover for UK businesses is giving peace of mind to your clients. Make them feel at ease with your knowledge and the services you can offer – don’t oversell or sound too salesman like, remember this is an important and serious service that you are offering so always act professional, courteous and punctual for your appointments and visits.

Cost of Starting an IT business

Managing the start up costs for a new IT business is like any other. Be careful not to overspend and have  a clear budget for everything you need to get going. Do you really need to buy a new laptop or expensive office furniture, certainly your money would best spent on trying to attract new clients. So make sure you set aside enough cash for ads in local papers and to invest in a modern and attractive looking website.

Because the IT industry covers a huge area of services then look to join a support group in one area you intend on specialising in. The UK ITA (Intellect Technology Association) is an excellent resource and can point you in the right direction for accreditation’s and  IT groups to join.

Can a New IT Business be Profitable?

By carefully planning the right business model that will work for your skill set and the demographics in your local area there is no reason why a new IT business cannot succeed. Costs can quickly mount up though so make sure you budget for everything when first setup. You might need to travel quite a lot in the first few weeks meeting potential new customers so petrol  expenses will need to be catered for.

Leading IT experts will tell that this is an extremely competitive industry (but they would wouldn’t they?) to get started so think long and hard about what you can offer people that is different to all the other IT consultancy businesses out there. If you can understand properly on how to start an IT business you customers will come running to you from all over the UK.

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