Plastic Moulding Business Plan

Despite the cry for banning plastic, it is anticipated that use of plastic will grow thousands of times in the future as compared to the present time. It is because plastic proves beneficial in almost all things along with iron and wood we use on a daily basis.

Kimt , color , easy molding , easy business in the region easier and recycling used to benefit may be retarded. But without hard work and blackening, success will not be achieved

The plastic raw material is to be injected into the machine. As soon as you press the machine rack, the plastic roe heats up in the material cylinder and after melting into iron dye, it takes the mold of the dye and your job (product) is ready.

Big manufacturing companies that produce products with many parts. Like a car company, there are hundreds of plastic parts in the car. So this small part company does not become itself, the company gives you the work to make these parts. If you are interested in this business then you have to get experience first. After a year of experience you will learn

  • What kind of machinery is used.
  • How to operate machinery
  • What are the types of plastic roe materials ?
  • Why a particular material is used to make a part.
  • Which place to choose for starting a business
  • What are the legal documents required
  • How to make a profit
  • In the plastic molding industry, 4 types of machinery are used more.
  • Hand molding machine
  • Vertical molding machine
  • Horizontal molding machine
  • Blow molding machine


Hand Molding machine has to be run by hand. This machine is used to make small parts. Every machine has the capacity to make a part, it is called short weight. Parts with weight up to 20 gramcan be made by hand molding . This machine running on single fuse light will get from 15 to 20 thousand Remco and many companies produce this machine. But the machinery of the remco company is considered very good because it is very easy to use.

Vertical mold

It is a larger machine than hand molding. Parts that can weigh up to 40 gramscan be made in this machine that runs on vacuum pressure . Its rocking pressure rangesfrom10tonto 30ton.

Horizontal Molding Machine

This is a very heavy and expensive machine. Parts weighing 5 kg -10kgcan be made in this machine . There is a lot of variety in this machine. This Rokking pressure L5tonof giving hundredstonmay be up.

Blow molding machine – and belly molding machine – can make bottle-like parts in both machines. But due to the speed of work, belly molding machine is more used today. It is mostly used for making bottles.


Industrial Oven – It has to be heated in the oven before being put into the plastic roe material machine. This makes the plastic in the machine melt very easily and the work speeds up. ExceptHD LD PPthese materials are required to oven all the materials.

Plastic material

Plastic Row Material – HD LD PP nylon ABS is the most used in Row Material .

HD High Density – means the parts where the strength is necessary, the material is used in those parts. Like knob

LD Low Density – This means that the low density parts that require flexibility are used in those parts such as bottle caps.

PP – PP and PE, POM, PVDF these materials are used to make medical parts and parts containing food items.

Nylon – Nylon is very rigid and is used in engineering products.

ABS – ABS is quite tough and finishes are also good. And the lowest shrink occurs. ABS is used in products that require strength with looks.

PVC – Due to the strength with a lot of flexibility, the parts that are always movable are used in them. Shoes , car seat cover , credit cards

Cost to start a business –

If you want to start with just hand molding then you can start at a cost of 50 thousand.
To start a business with a vertical machine, a cost of 2 to 3 lakhs is required, in this you have to take 3 fuse light connections.

  • Legal Documents –
  • Shop Act is a must for any business.
  • Get your business registered in this institution.
  • Municipal corporation or grampanchayat requires noc
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