4 Popular Restaurants that Don’t franchise in America

Franchising is one of the popular routes most restaurant companies adopt to expand their business all over the world. Although most restaurants do franchise for business expanision, yet there are some popular brands that don’t consider it in our world and we are sure there are some good reasons why don’t they franchise their business. Here are the 4 popular restaurant chains in the United States we are shocked for their policy of not franchising.

1. Waffle House Restaurant 

Waffle House is known to every American. It is a popular restaurant chain that operates business in more than 2100 places in America. The restaurant was founded in the year 1955 by a duo named Joe Rogers and Tom Forkner at East College Avenue of Georgia city. The company’s most outlets could be seen operating in the South area of United States.

The company’s history tell us that in 1960 when Waffle House opened their 4th restaurant, franchising model was adopted by it. The move proved a brilliant decision of its founders as it helped the company to grow into 27 stores in the late 60’s and its growth accelerated further to a great extent in the next years. However, it came as a shock when Waffle House decided not to franchise recently. Thousands of people wish for its franchise not just in the United States but also in the other parts of the world. Years have passed but the company hasn’t reconsidered its franchising decision.

2. White Castle Restaurant 

While Castle, as far as our knowledge, is considered one of the first fast food restaurant chains in the United States popular for small and square shaped hamburgers. It was Walter A, Anderson, known to be the first company’s cook, who had partnered with Edgar Waldo Ingram way back 1921 to found White Castle as restaurant chain. When it comes to franchising its business, it is just impossible as the company has no plans about it at the present time and in the future.


Panda Express is a restaurant that was founded back in the year 1973. That time, the restaurant was called by the name Panda Inn Fine dining restaurant throughout the Califorinia city. However, it was renamed by Panda Express in 1983 after the popularlity of restaurant grow wide in the country. Despite being a popular restaurant chain, Panda Express is still in an undecided mood to franchise its business and perhaps may carry with it in the future.

4. Dave & Busters Franchise

The Dallas based restaurant named Dave and Buster’s restaurant is yet another popular restaurant chains that doesn’t offer franchise. It was founded by the two gentlemen named David Corriveau and James Buster Corleyat in the year 1982 in the Dallas city of America. Soon after six years of time, the company’s major stake was bought by Edison Brothers Stores in a bid to widen the reach of business in other cities of the country. Unfortunate to say that Dave and Buster’s isn’t franchising at in the United States. However, it does provide franchise opportunites outside the country.   

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