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Here is an interesting business idea. Providing a much needed safety service to families and elderly can be a great business idea. It is a sad fact that most homes do not have a functioning smoke detector, or if they do, they only have one for an entire house.
Most homes should be equipped with at least 2 smoke detectors. One close to bedrooms to wake you in case of a fire and another on the other side of the house. Installing a smoke detector is a 10 minute job and is a great impulse buy.

Go to your local home improvement store of even Walmart and buy 4-5 smoke detectors. You can get them as low as $6 a piece. Maybe buy 2 low end models and 2 high end models to take on your home visits. Mark up the price at least $10 (you are providing a convenience service by bringing a smoke detector to the home). You can charge an additional $15 installation, which takes the $6 smoke detector and turns it into a $30 sale, all for 10 minutes worth of work.

All you need are basic tools, screwdriver & hammer are generally all they are needed and some extra batteries. You can markup the price of the batteries as well, if the home simply needs the batteries in their existing smoke detector changed.

Start out by going door to door in middle income homes and retirement neighbourhoods. You can typically find 5-6 homes that would like an installation in just a couple of hours of door knocking. And at a $24 profit per installation, that’s an easy $125 in an afternoon.

This type of service sells well because it is typically one of those things homeowners “think about doing”, but never get around to. When you show up with the tools and product in hand, $30 is a small amount of money to spend on their families safety.

Offer a free inspection of their current smoke detector. If it is working ok, leave a business card or flyer with the homeowner. Explain you do all kinds of home repairs and if they ever need anything, simply give you a call. You will get calls not only from that homeowner, but also from their friends and relatives who need simple tasks completed.

If you do not like the idea of going door to door, try mailing out postcards to homes that match your ideal neighbourhoods. Or, you can get door hangers made relatively cheaply that you can hang on front door handles. Go through a couple of neighbourhoods in a day and get ready to take orders the next few days!

Category Name:Home – Garden
Start Up Costs:$101 – $500
Operating Costs:$0 – $100 / month
Estimated Income:$501 – $1K / month
Time Requirements:20 hr/week
Weather (climate):All
Population Size:0 – 5,000+
Type of Location:Home Based
Legal Entity:None
Skill Level:None
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