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My Experience About Starting a Handyman Business

I did not start my handyman business right away rather did some small jobs that helped me imrprove my experience in contract services. I remember, while living in Charlotte, a city in North Carolina, I concentrated on doing interior and exterior painting job. But, I had to face difficulties in sticking to a speciality when I lived in Vicksberg.

I have found that many people who run a handyman business in a small town often accept gutter cleaning, window cleaning like jobs and some have even expanded into home remodeling. When I started, I assisted a painter and learned about handyman works on the job. This kind of experience is what i feel is a fuel for a self starter and those who need a little supervision. Prior experience in business played a big part in creation of my own client base.

Ways to find contracts

I’ve learned that there are many ways to find contracts. Some of the effective ones includes referrals, cold calls in the area where you put up, direct solicitation of neighbours, use of flyers, soliciting apartment complexes, offices, restaurants, and also making telephone calls to past customers.

Business forecasters had projected that the service industry would expand during the 1990’s. This did come true and many people are working as maids, janitors and repairmen. But the income is low. Yet someone with drive can start and operate a similar service business and profit.

Type of services

  • Cleaning gutters, windows
  • Painting
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Wood replacement, door and windows
  • Changing locks
  • Clean out closets, garages, attics

The handyman business can be developed to offer a few services or you can take on whatever that’s requested. You can always sub out a service you’re not fond of or lack the required experience.

When my painting jobs decreased I resorted to cleaning windows and gutters. This type of work is simple. It can be done sometimes in less than a day. Besides earning cash daily you build up a client base faster. You can ease into being a handyman if you’re already doing contract work. Using this method does not require purchasing tools or a vehicle.

Starting without any experience would be difficult. If you have experience but you are coming from another field the basic startup cost is $10,000 including a good used work vehicle.

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