Start your own Handmade Jewelry Business

You can start your own handmade jewelry business and earn cash as soon as you begin to show your wares. The profit potential depends on your style and time you put into your venture.

Why spend time making handmade jewelry? Aren‘t there enough jewelry stores? Yes, it appears to be too many, yet wire jewelry although an ancient art form still create excitement when gold and silver wire surround many types of stones.

Jewelty making with wire is an enjoyable art and quite popular. But during the 1960’s and in the 70’s it was created by many who traveled in the hippie circuit. Many itinerant merchants created and sold such wares.

I had an associate from Jackson, Mississippi who was very proficient in his designs. He used silver wire, forks, spoons and stones to fashion rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

He sold his custom jewelry through a number of outlets. You can find clients in these same markets.

Marketing outlets

  • Art Shows
  • Poetry Readings
  • Fleamarkets
  • Jazz Concerts
  • College Fairs

This list is small compared to all the outlets available. He enjoyed making his creation.

I lost contact with him, but sometime in 2004 a article appeared in The Vicksburg Post about Preston Reuther, a master wire sculptor who had moved to Vicksburg from New Orleans. This was not the first time I’d seen his name. A year earlier I’d purchased, “Multi Streams of Internet Income” by Robert Allen from Office Max while visiting Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mr. Allen had featured Preston Reuther in the book. The details were hopeful explaining in details how he developed his business using the internet. Now, here he was in person , operating his online handmade jewelry store in Vicksburg.His business featured jewelry making videos and jewelry supplies.

He moved to Vicksburg in 2001 from New Orleans and continued to create his big custom handcrafted jewelry. His gold and silver wire wraps around large gemstones, which he started to create while being treated for manic depression.

As his techniques improved his clientele grew. Soon his one of a kind handmade jewelry began to increase his profit. His market went from roadsides to craft shows. His teaching started when he egan to earn $10,000 per weekend. His instructional programs are designed to help you enjoy beautiful jewelry and earn cash while you enjoy life.

Reachable goals creating wire jewelry

Relax and enjoy working with your handsImprove your learning skills and teach othersAppreciate beautiful jewelryAcquire a flexible scheduleEarn a decent income

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