Starting a Business from Home in India with Less Money

Starting a Business from Home in India with Less Money

Whether you are looking to make some extra money to augment your monthly wages or you want to start your own small business from scratch, there are many opportunities and low cost businesses that are worth your efforts to add more to your wealth.

So what are the best start at home businesses ideas? – There is no doubt that the economic climate in our country India at the moment is a little bleak with money being tighter than ever but that does not mean you can make good money from a business that is run from the house.

The first step you should take is to write down your current skills and decide whether you can offer a service or sell something from home that encompasses your main asset, your skills. 

Maybe you are a retired teacher that could offer private tuition or have a love for animals and could setup a dog walking business from home quite easily. Still stumped for ideas? checkout your local paper or take a walk to your local shopping centre and see what ads are posted in shop windows.

Sometimes the golden ticket is right before your eyes, look to see what people need, many families who have both adults working will often need a baby sitter or dog walker to keep the domestic household running and will pay good money for someone that they can trust – do a good job and recommendations spread quick and you can soon be expanding from beyond the home.

Other cheap, low cost or 100% free home business ideas include offering a garden maintenance service, laundry and ironing services or house sitting, yes people pay you for sitting in their house during the day.

Online Home Business

For computer savvy individuals then the online business marketplace opens a multitude of opportunity to make some real money. Love to read and write? then why not setup a blog on your favourite topic. Some blogs earn thousands of pounds each month through generated revenue and you can even set one up for free at

Data entry, article writing and sites such as people per hour all offer a good way to get started in making money from the web and because costs are very low for start-up online businesses it can be a very good way to get your home business going.

For the crafty types making stuff is a great way of earning extra cash. items such as home made cards, knitwear and jewellery can all be made at home. Once some items have been sold, expansion to the online marketplace can be achieved by building a DIT web shop or paying a web design company to set you up an online presence.

This is where social networking sites can really propel a home business to the next level. Did you know you can set up a Facebook business page for free in order to promote a business? Get your friends and family involved by “liking” your page and your business can soon go viral picking up new customers every week by adding thoughtful and informative updates to your Twitter or Facebook accounts. Starting your business from home can be fun, profitable and ultimately lead to bigger thing!

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Rais Dar is a Small Business Consultant from Bangalore, Karnataka.

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