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How Did I Start My Million Dollar House Painting Business

I started house painting twenty years ago. It’s not a trade I planned or I gained the experience during my youth. I was hired by a friend and through on the job training and I became a painter. This trade takes stamina, patience and an eye for details. In addition it can relieve stress. I obtain peace and a sense of accomplishment when I paint.

Can just anyone paint? Quite a lot of people feel that they can. It appears to be so easy. I’ve seen some of their work and I wouldn’t hire them. Due to this approach a few homeowners sometime think that painting is easy and should be done for a song and a dance. Home values do increase some when they are kept clean and with a fresh paint job.

You can learn to paint by working with a painter. Practicing and through trial and error you’ll learn the proper techniques. I’m still learning and will never learn everything about painting. This could be a skill worth learning for a small business startup.

House painting challenges

  • Dust and paint particles
  • Fumes from paint and cleaning fluids
  • Untidy conditions
  • Unsafe situations, especially outside using ladders
  • Insects, such as spiders and wasp
  • Potential cuts from saws
  • Difficult neighbors and clients

You learn how to cope with these circumstances and how to prevent accidents. Yet, some occur even when you’re safety conscious.

House painting is a necessity in good and bad times. General maintenance is one reason why commercial contractors stay busy. They spend a good portion of their time maintaining apartments and office complexes. In addition many homeowners call for general maintenance.

Additional reasons for painting

  • Colors fade
  • Fires and accidents
  • Remodeling
  • Taste change
  • Properties bought and sold

My first painting job was exterior painting, which also helped me obtain an interior contract. The big difference is that a lot of work is required for occupied dwellings. Many are cluttered and some have to much furniture.

You are going to make mistakes in your pricing. However, don’t quote a price too quickly. Most homeowner will force you to stick to it.

How to price a painting job?

  • Learn through experience
  • Get assistance
  • By the job
  • By the square feet
  • How to publications

Before the recession I kept busy because most of my jobs were obtained through referrals. I also run classified ads in the daily paper. But when I lived in Charlotte I ran an ad once in eight years.

How did I get my work?

  • Referrals
  • Business Cards and Flyers
  • Neighbors
  • Direct sales
  • Yard Sign

These marketing techniques work as long as you’re consistent. Your plan must be designed so that when you need work your customer will be waiting on you. Failure sets in when you try to carry the load alone.

How can you solve this?

You have to delegate or arrange your schedule so that you’ll be able to handle more responsibilities. At some point you’ll need to hire help. This step is a task within itself. Most of us cannot work a crew. So before you start seeking assistance learn everything about house painting so that you’ll be able to determine whether you’ll work alone or will operate using painting crews.

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