Starting an Internet Research Business

Category Name:Computers
Start Up Costs:$0 – $100
Operating Costs:$0 – $100 / month
Estimated Income:$1K – $5K / month
Time Requirements:20 hr/week
Weather (climate):All
Population Size:0 – 5,000+
Type of Location:Home Based
Legal Entity:None
Skill Level:None

The Internet is a vast and unknown territory to most people. Trying to find something online can be a daunting task to those not familiar with the Internet, how to search and filter out the irrelevant material, and quickly locate the answer they are looking for. This problem creates a business idea for the “web nerds” out there. If you know search engines and the Internet better than your best friend, you can be an Internet Researcher.

  What you will do is find clients who need information and who do not have the time to research it themselves. Some target clients would be attorneys, doctors and other business people, as well as those individuals who need help every so often. For your research, you can expect to charge your clients $15-$25 per hour in most cases. If your client would like you to prepare a report with your findings (i.e. – a Word document with sources identified), you can charge up to $50 per hour.

  The start up costs for this type of business is next to nothing. You will be using your brain power and people skills to help people that are in need. You fulfil that need by finding the answers your clients cannot find on their own.

  Begin finding clients by joining a small business networking group where your target market is likely to be. You can print brochures and flyers, and have a supply of business cards available to give to people you meet each day. You can advertise on the Internet and possibly the yellow pages.

  If you can find the information your clients need and find it quickly, you are sure to enjoy repeat business from them, as well as get referrals from your satisfied clients. It seems a common theme to successful businesses is word of mouth advertising after providing good work.

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