7 Best Information Technology Business ideas in India

The information technology has brought efficiency in how we deal with mangement of information. We are able to better communicate with others not just in businesses but also in government owned bodies working for the welfare of citizens. The information technology industry is growing big as its need is felt across all sectors. Here are the top 7 information technology business ideas for entrepreneurs who truely mean to create a self-reliant ( Aatm Nirbhar ) Bharat translated India.

eCommerce solutions

Businesses can’t afford to sell in their offline stores anymore. It is because the advent of internet and smartphones have empowered their customers to shop online. That is why the business owners direly need to have a web interface where they are able to transact with their customers. So, if you are a techie, you are in a better position to launch an eCommerce solutions business to offer a varied number of services including ERP development, OPS software development, shopping carts, etc to these businesses.

eLearning services

The eLearning services have experienced a great demand especially during COVID19 lockdown period. It is due to the inability of children to go to their schools for education. The integration of online learning as a means to educated children while at their homes has found a defined space in the mission of educational sector of almost all nations. If you are able to develop a variety of eLearning tools, your services will be soft after by schools, colleges, universities and several other educational related instituions.

IT hardware services

The use of all the hardware, software and peripheral equipment collectively called IT system is indispensable across all domains. This IT system used by banks, companies, and even government bodies will sometimes meet failure. That is when support services are required to bring back the desired functionality of failed IT system. You will be providing a lot of services including hardware & software troubleshoots, computer setup assistance, etc.

Web portal services

As online shopping is on the rise, a major slice of various industries such as hotels, retail stores, tranport, etc require web portals to stay in connection with their customers. This is a rewarding small business opportunity not only due to its high demand but also due to the requirements for a small seed capital and low input costs.

Graphic designing

As hi speed internet and software platforms being easily avialable in the market, people with art for conjuring logos, brochures, etc can think about opening a graphic design business.


A telecom company is yet another a great business related to information technology you can launch in a developing country like our India as it is still a largely untapped opportunity in remote areas of our nation. However, it isn’t an easy business given its massive requirements for capital investments.

Internet cafe

Internet cafe isn’t yet a dead trade in our country as it is a harsh truth that there are many people who can’t afford a computer or a smartphone. An internet cafe business can work greatly provided you are willing to offer a good user experince to your customers.

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