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3 Creative Ways to Motivate Employees without Money

It is known to allmost all people that new employees come fresh with full of excitement in their early days of joing a company. However, their exiciment begins to fade away when things become more routine for them. And it is natural for almost all business. However, the lack of motivation in employees can bring worst days for a company unless managment doesn’t pay concentration to improving it with time.

Being a good leader also means that you always find ways to keep up motivation of your employees. Unless your employees aren’t motivated, your race to overtake your competition will remain just on paper and you know how competition can shrink the market space for your company.

Employees can be motivated to keep their higher work productivity using different ways. The source of motivation for each individual can’t be same. You will be dealing with each staff member individually as it proves helpful in inducing complete satisfaction in him. Here are some of the previously tested ways to motivate your employees.

Use everyone’s ability

Every employee in your company has certain abilities and issues. Let them show up on issues they are capable to handle. Unless you realize and give allow them express to their abilities, they will remain unhappy and often frustrated. You will have to allow them use their abilities, and the result would surely be in the interest of your company as they will be more motivated toward their work. In case you are unable to notice their abilities, you can figure it out by asking directly asking them. They will not only exploit their capabilities but will always cherish happiness.

Reward your employee efforts

The sad truth in all companies is that their leaders focus on company success, avoiding efforts of their employees. It should be realized that it is your employee who gives you success as he is the person who gets a deal done with your customers. It is a big problem and in fact a kind of punishment not reward to the hard work of your employees. The need of the hour is to give recognition to the success of your employees otherwise they will loose motivation and in in turn you will have no company success to enjoy in time ahead. Even give recognition to an employee who brings you a single sale as he will next time give better performance.

Give micro autonomy to people

No one like to act on other’s dictations, even in smallest decisions, so do employees of your company. You will have to make your employees feel more free by giving them micro autonomony so that they excercise their own creativity. Freedom to think and act can bring a lot of motivation in your staff. For example Netflix removed restrictions on various aspects of a job including restriction on sick leaves and vacations and the better performance was shown up by their employees and it became one of the reasons why Nextflix scored good in terms of customer satisfaction all over the world.

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